 WordPress History:

French programmer Michel Valodrighi was launched WORDPRESS Back in 2001, as a blogging platform using PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and MySQL (an open-source relational database management system).
After two years later, Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg took over the development and ended up co-founding the WordPress platform.

WordPress 0.7 was born in May 2003. In later years it was followed by updated versions that included theme systems, persistent caching, and better widgets. By 2016, WordPress 4.5 (Coleman) had added inline links, new formatting shortcuts, and responsive previews in the Customizer functions.
WordPress has been on the rise ever since it was first released, and for good reason.

 Who Uses WordPress?

WordPress is basically a Content Management System.
Today many web development company used by 31.9% of all the websites.
Any content developer or marketer who has been around for a while knows that there are a variety of options when it comes to web design, web development and blog platforms. In WordPress.org so many website choices, both paid and free, and it may seem difficult to choose the right one for your need.
Being a team member of Scriptweb Solution, [ It’s a Low cost web development company] I am explaining why any user choose WordPress for their initial startup business website.
Not only the small business website, but also it has used for large platform like:
• eCommerce website
• Business directory
• Travel booking
• Any kind of service booking platform
Many more…

In a Survey it’s clear that last 15+ years have proven to be a time of positive growth for the blogging and web design, and these statistics back it up:

400 million people view 24 billion pages hosted by WP every month
70 million new posts and 47 million comments are made each month
WordPress blogs are written in over 120 languages, including Spanish and Dutch
WordPress users include CNN, TED, UPS, and CBS Radio
Over time, interest in WordPress has grown over that of Blogger, SharePoint, and Drupal, according to Google Trends. Beyond blogging, WordPress is also great for building a social network, fully functioning intranet and online business card themes.

And, with a variety of tools, plugins, and flexible features; WordPress is arguably the best publishing platform for web design in business.

 Benefits of WordPress:
1. Simple as well as User Friendly Platform

Any other Competitors like Drupal or Joomla and become the favorite choice of web developers everywhere, eliminating the need to master HTML, CSS, PHP and other complicated technologies.

It is very easy task to change the content and the images from website backend [ wp-admin]. A novice can easily do that. It’s don’t require any technical skill to handle your website in wordpress platform.
So, most of the web development company suggest to their client to use this platform.

2. Manage Your Website from Any Computer

As WordPress is browser-based. So, you can login from any Internet connected computer and manage your site from there.

3. Attractive design options

In WordPress there are thousands of dedicated themes available, many of them free, allowing you to customize the theme and will be able to personalizethe design creation as you wish.

4. Easily control your website

Don’t need to wait for your web designer to make simple updates to your site. With WordPress, you have control of nearly every aspect of your site and can easily make those simple updates yourself.

5. Flexibility

There are lots of plugins available for particular functions. You can choose from around 22,000+ plugins and thousands of themes in order to give your website a new look or adapt it to the constantly changing trends of online media.

For example, for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), install the YoastSEO plugin.
One of the features that make WordPress SEO ready is its structure. Clean structure websites load faster, and fast loading websites appeal to visitors.

6. Open source

WordPress is an Open source softwarewhose source code is available for modification or enhancement by anyone. Thousands of web developer around the world improved this platform as it is open source. This is the reason most of the web development choose first option as WordPress for a low-cost web development platform.

7. Budget Flexibility

For start up company it will be very helpful to invest less amount rather than custom development of his new startup business website.

This is one of the important part to choose WordPress to build their new website in the initial stage to run his or her business.

8. Responsive

Now a days 80% of users access website through tab, mobile rather than computer. So, It’s a important thing to make your website responsive. This CMS is your best choice if you want your website to adjust to the device it is accessed from and provide your visitors with an unforgettable experience, whether from smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

9. Take less time to develop

As there are lots of plugin available It’s prebuilt. So, it will take less time to development your website.

10. Support
After sell service support is the most important part. A good framework is defined as per it’s after sell service support. The WordPress community includes thousands of technicians and volunteers providing free advice and support on various forums.

Being a representative of a Scriprweb Solution it’s a Low Cost Web Development Company. I suggest WordPress to my client for these above reasons.

I am always trying to happy with my client and make my client’s idea into reality. I am really proud of myself for sharing my idea to my clients.
Still if you have further more queries you can contact through our website. I would be happy to help and answer your queries.

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